The first symposium on “Service Innovation under Big Data” & IEEE Workshop on Analytics and Risk (the 4th) will be held by Service System Engineering, one branch of System Engineering Society of China(SESC), IEEE Analytics and Risk Technical Committee, Intelligent decision-making branch of Management science and Engineering Society, and Hainan University on October 21-22 2017 at Haidian campus of Hainan University. The conference is centered with the theme “Service Innovation under Big Data”, which will gather a considerable number of researchers and scholars from different backgrounds and visions to discuss service innovation in fields like e-commerce, marketing and risk management. The ambition of this conference is to provide a discussion platform for a series of topics based on big data, so as to increase the public understanding of service innovation and promote the development of integrated innovation by multiple industries. We will invite not only famous scholars of related disciplines at home and abroad, but also experts from SESC, to exchange ideas on hot issues of service innovation in fields like operation management, risk management, e-commerce and marketing. Hence, Scholars from all walks of life will share views on their innovative research, integrate outstanding academic resources, and provide suggestions to solve practical problems.
     The conference will be a high level platform to enhance academic atmosphere, exchange academic ideas, share research results and improve research abilities. We cordially invite relevant scholars and researchers from other universities to Hainan, to feel the academic atmosphere in a beautiful place with no haze.The co-chairmen of the conference are Guo Qiang (Hainan University, Professor), Wu Desheng (University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Professor), and Wolfgang hardle (Humboldt University of Berlin, Professor), The keynote speakers include many editors from qualified journals. The selected outstanding papers will get the best paper award, and be recommended to the related journals. In addition, the conferencewill provide the publication opportunity on Special Issues of Computational Statistics (SCI Journal). Moreover, all papers can be searched in ISTP.
     As for paper submission, all manuscripts must be in English. The themes include but not limited to:
▪ Planning and management of the whole region tourism under the background of big data
▪ Big data and e-commerce analytics
▪ Financial innovation and risk management
▪ Strategic and innovation management
▪ Revenue management and service operations management under the background of big data
▪ Smart tourism under the background of big data
▪ Supply chain management under the background of big data
▪ New service industry innovation 
▪ Social media under the background of big data.

1. Guidelines of Paper Submission
1) Please submit your paper by e-mail, the email address is
2) Please submit your paper with both Word and PDF formats. Once the submission is accepted, at least one of the authors is invited to attend the conference and share your research (Oral Presentation or Poster).
3) Please refer to the unified submission format for specific requirements.
4) Each author is invited to submit no more than three papers, and please do not submit to multiple conference sessions. Please mark the session you attend. Here are the sessions:

Session-A: Service operation and supply chain management under the background of big data
Session-B: Financial innovation and risk management
Session-C: E-commerce and social media
Session-D: The whole region tourism and smart tourism under the background of big data

2. Registration Fee
The conference will adopt the way of online registration and payment. Registration and payment links will be open on the conference website in September.Please keep an eye on the official conference website. Registration fee requirements are as follows:


Before October 10th
(including 10th)

After October 10th
(including on-site registration)

Teachers & on-the-job postgraduate students

1000 yuan

1200 yuan

Full-time students

800 yuan

1000 yuan

Participants from industries and others.
(including publishing house)

1000 yuan

1200 yuan

3. Critical Deadlines
1) Paper submission deadline: extend to September 30, 2017
2) Announcement of paper review results: extend to October 5, 2017
3) Early-bird registration deadline: extend to October 10, 2017
4) Conference date: 21-22 October 2017

4. Main Schedule









Opening Ceremony
Invited Talk


Lunch Break









Lunch Break


5.Contact Information
Secretariat: Miss Song   
Tel: 0898-66183359

Please forward this call to anyone potentially interested!