The School of Economics and Management (SEM) at Hainan University was established in October, 2009 by integrating the former School of Economics with theSchool of Management. Through efforts of over thirty years the School has been built into a multi-educational system comprised of undergraduate education, both academic and professional education at graduate level, international education and adult education.
  Currently, SEM enrolls students in accordance with three-Big Categories, of which the Business Management includes Business Management, Human Resource Management,Marketing, Accounting and Financial Management; the Finance includes Finance,International Economy and Trade, and Economic statistics; the Management Science and Engineering includes Information Management and Information systems, and Logistics Management; and besides, one Professional Program of the Agronomic Management as well.
  Business Administration (co-operated with School of Tourism) and Applied Economics are the first-level disciplines authorized conferring master degrees. There are11programs for Master of Science degree, including Finance, Industrial Economics, Regional Economics, Public Finance, International Trade, Statistics, Business Administration, Accounting, Agricultural Economic Management, World Economy, and Political Economics. The 4master’s programs in specialized areas are Business Administration (MBA), Agricultural Extension (rural and regional development, organization and service of agricultural technology), International Business, and Finance. There are7professional laboratories, 1lecture hall, and more than 25000 volumes of books collection in the School.
The SEM owns faculty members with rich teaching experience and academic attainments, of whom the specialty areas, ages and education backgrounds are properly structured. Among the 184 faculty members, 156 are full-time teachers, including 101professors and associate professors, among whom one inseminated as “a Candidate of New Century Talents Project”, three experts entitled special allowance from the State Council, two awarded “Provincial Teaching Master”, one candidate for “New Century Excellent Talents Plan” by the Ministry of Education, two are the first level talent for “515 Talent in Hainan Province”, and four have been nominated “Hainan Province outstanding experts”. The number of teachers with Ph.D. degrees and those studying for Ph.D. are over 66, and more than 30 faculties have overseas education backgrounds.
  The School has an enrollment of 4328 undergraduates and over 1200 graduate students. Among the latter there are 171 of Master in Science. And more than 1000 are of Master in Specialized Areas, among whom 600 are of MBA, 427are of Agricultural Extension, 68 are of International Business, and 32 are of Finance.
Since 2013, the school has enrolled international students of master degree. Currently in the Enterprise Management (master degree) taught in English, there are over 20 full-time international students who are from the United States, Mexico, Poland, Malaysia and other countries.
  In the past five years, a total number of over 100 books and textbooks were published by faculty members. Over 1100 academic articles were published in a number of journals retrieved by SCI, SSCI, EI, ISTP, CSSCI , such as Journal of Comparative Economics, Review of Development Economics, International Journal of Human Resource Management, Thunderbird International Business Review, Asia Pacific Journal of Human Resources, Economic Research Journal, Management World, Journal of Financial Research, China Industrial Economics, China Soft Science, Accounting Research, Chinese Rural Economy, etc..
Over 200 research projects funded by both of national and provincial level have been or are being carried out. A couple of studies have achieved academic rewards at university or provincial and ministerial levels. The School has also set up “Hainan Economic Research Center”, which focus on the research of Hainan local economy including industrial economy, county-wide economy, rural economy, etc.. “The County Economic Development of Hainan Province Blue Book” and “The Industry Development of Hainan Province Blue Book” have been published.
  At this new historical starting point, the SEM will unite to forge ahead, dedicate to provide the first-class service for the teachers and students, create a good learning environment and try to work hard and develop toward the goal of the 100 top business schools at the nation-wide level.