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Submissions of papers describing original work in, but not limited to, the following topics are enthusiastically encouraged.

ICNC'07 Topic  

Neural Network Models
Learning algorithms
Neural network architectures
Neuro dynamics & spiking neuron
Statistical neural network models and support vector machines

Cognitive Science
Learning and memory
Neurobiological systems
Perception, emotion, and cognition
Selective attention
Vision and auditory models

Evolutionary Learning
Learning algorithms
Bayesian evolutionary algorithms
Classifier systems
Adaptive behavior & Self-adaptation
Artificial immune systems

Evolutionary Theory
Coding methods
Genetic operators
Fitness evaluation
Computational complexity
Nicking and clustering
Dynamic environment
Models of evolutionary computation Optimization

Evolutionary Methodology
Evolution strategies
Genetic algorithms
Evolutionary programming
Genetic programming
Molecular evolutionary algorithms
Simulated evolution
Evolutionary agents
Multi-objective optimization
Parallel evolutionary algorithms

Other Types in Natural computation
Quantum Computing
Molecular & DNA computing
Membrane Computing
Artificial life
Cultural algorithms
Artificial Immune Systems
Swarm Intelligence
Ants Colony

FSKD'07 Topics  

Fuzzy Theory and Foundations
Fuzzy theory and models
Stability of fuzzy systems
Uncertainty management in data mining
Statistical and probabilistic methods of data mining
Machine learning

Fuzzy Methods and Algorithms
Fuzzy classifiers & clustering
Fuzzy database mining
Information retrieval
Information fusion
Fuzzy control
Fuzzy hardware architectures
Sequential data analysis
Rough sets
Parallel and distributed data mining
Decision trees
Inductive logic Programming
Data warehousing
Data cleaning
Dimensionality reduction

Hardware Implementation
Analog, digital, & hybrid neuro-chips
Artificial retina & cochlear chips
DSP & software implementation

Hybrid Systems
Evolutionary neural systems
Fuzzy neural systems
Symbolic-neural hybrid systems
Computational intelligence
Soft computing
Evolutionary neural systems
Evolutionary reinforcement learning
Evolutionary fuzzy systems
Evolutionary neuro-fuzzy systems
Granular Computing
Pattern recognition and trend analysis

Circuit design
Computer security
Computer vision
Data mining
Expert system Forecasting
Finance & electronic commerce
Homeland security
Human-computer interaction
Image Processiong
Intelligent control
intelligent transportation systems
Machine Learning
Natural language processing
Operations research
Parallel and distributed processing
Pattern recognition Robotics
Route and network planning
Sensorimotor systems
Signal processing
Speech recognition
Time series prediction

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