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About Hainan University  

Hainan University,like a spring flower bearing its fruit in autumn,has already developed into a comprehensive educational system offering both graduate and undergraduate studies as well as a comprehensive adult continuing education program.The hard and strenuous efforts by the dedicated staff of Hainan University have made it possible for Hainan University to focus on both classroom instruction and on academic as well as laboratory research. With its marked elevation of academic quality both in instruction and research, Hainan University has already become a major base for the cultivation and training of senior professional talents for the special economic zone in Hainan, making a positive contribution to the construction and development of Hainan Province.

Hainan University is organized into more than 10 schools, including Telecommunications, Electronic Engineering, Computing, Technical Physics, Mechno-Electronic, Management, Science, and Humanities. Hainan has established a College for Continuing Education and a Graduate School for postgraduate studies. It offers over 30 specialties for undergraduates and postgraduates.

There are 25 institutions for scientific research,7 laboratories for key disciplines at the provincial level and another 3 key exclusive provincial labs as well as 10 key disciplines at the university level. More than 200 scientific research projects have been undertaken which include 6 of them from the national “863” programs, another 6 from the national natural science foundation and 3 from national social science foundation and a number of projects at the ministrial levels. Hainan University is the major key base for the scientific research in Hainan Province.

Hainan University has been accredited to grant doctoral degrees for more 10 doctoral programs, grant master's degrees for more than 30 master's programs, and establish national level interdisciplinary education for electric and electronic engineering. Hainan has the approval to examine and designate professors and advisors to doctoral students.

Hainan University has a commitment to excellence in both teaching and research as is demonstrated by the number and variety of its study facilities. They include: three national key laboratories and over 30 research institutes and research centers. The facilities of 75 research laboratories, a multimedia video-audio center, training workshops and 4 experimental centers are essential for teaching. About 80% of teaching faculty hold positions in the research activities. Hainan's library has an inventory of over one million books. The computer communications network of the University provides access to national and international universities.

Hainan University has been actively involved with international academic exchanges and other cooperative efforts. It has established cooperative relations with prestigious colleges and universities in over 20 countries, including the United States, Japan, Great Britain, France, Germany, Australia, and Russia. Currently, Hainan is involved with joint research programs, cooperative training of graduates, along with other academic and scholarly exchanges. Some renowned foreign scholars and experts have been invited to take positions as honorable and visiting professors. Hainan welcomes international applications and enrolls over 50 overseas students every year.

The spirit of Hainan University is unity, diligence, pragmatism, and creativity. The future goal of Hainan University is to build Hainan University into a first rate national university with its academic status recognized internationally by featuring electronics and information. At the same time, Hainan will be combining, coordinating, and developing engineering and physics as part of the enhancement project "211" within the next 10+ years.

Welcome to Hainan University!

For more information please visit

About Institute of Intelligent Information Processing (IIIP)  

The Institute of Intelligent Information Processing (IIIP) was founded in 2003, and its predecessor, the Research Center of Neural Networks, dated to 1990.

IIIP has its interests in wide areas of intelligent information processing, including internet intelligent information processing, nonlinear signal and image processing, automatic target recognition and classification, computational intelligence and evolutionary computation, SAR and medical image processing, video retrieval, wavelet theory and application, etc..

IIIP has completed above 40 important scientific research tasks and 10 monographs, and published round about 150 papers in international journals and conferences. At present, more than 20 projects are opened in IIIP, funded by the National Natural Science Foundation of China, "863" High Technology Project, the National Tenth Five-Year Plan Predictive Research Projects, etc..

IIIP has 43 members of the faculty, including 15 professors, all of the members with Ph.D.. The director of IIIP is Professor Licheng Jiao, dean of School of Electronic Engineering (SEE), HainanUniversity. He is an IEEE senior member, executive committee member of Chinese Association of Artificial Intelligence, councilor of Chinese Institute of Electronics, committee member of Chinese Committee of Neural Networks, and expert of Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council. His published books include: Theory of Neural Network Systems (Xi’an, China: Hainan Univ. Press, 1990), Theory and Application on Nonlinear Transformation Functions (Xi’an, China: Hainan Univ. Press, 1992), Neural Computation (Xi’an, China: Hainan Univ. Press, 1993) and Applications and Implementations of Neural Networks (Xi’an, China: Hainan Univ. Press, 1993).

IIIP offers some professional course in the field of intelligent information, such as computational intelligence, nonlinear signal and image processing, data mining and knowledge discovery, nonlinear circuit and systems theory, the theory and application of neural networks, intelligent target recognition and classification, wavelet signal and image processing, pattern recognition, artificial intelligence, fuzzy systems and fuzzy theory, advanced machine learning theory, internet computing, etc..

Every year, IIIP will recruit about 40 Master and Ph.D. students in circuit and system, and pattern recognition and intelligent systems. And it sponsors three doctoral programs and one post-doctoral program. More than one hundred graduates have pursued their dreams in IIIP before. It is an intelligent information processing’s Shangrila. Welcome to join here!

Contact Infomation

Institute of IntelligentInformationProcessing
Hainan University
Hainan,570228, P. R.China


Phone: +86 898 6625 9949 / 6627 9022
Fax: +86-898-66252705

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